Lavender Essential Oil

The valuable therapeutic oil produced by Lavender can be used  to treat troubles of the heart and  mind, as well as the body.  In aromatherapy it is widely used by herbalists as a mood lifter and relaxant.  As an ingredient in massage oil, Lavender relaxes muscles and eases tension.  Its strong antiseptic properties effectively sooth conditions such as acne or sunburn.

The combination of compounds that make up Lavender contribute to its legendary healing powers.  Lavender Oil contains up to 50% Linaiol which helps to heal minor burns, wounds and sores.   The Ketones in Lavender Oil help to relieve pain and reduce inflamnation.  These same Ketones are the elements which have a sleep-inducing effect.  Esters are compounds found in Lavender Essential Oil which can ease swelling and help prevent muscle spasms.  The Esters are the ingredients which also help regulate moods to a uplifting feel.  Luscious, Lovely Lavender We Love It;  And I Think It Loves Us!


The higher concentration of the Essential Oils of Lavender should not be taken internally. Refer to a registered herbalist or practitioner if you have specific concerns. Lavender is a natural herb but take caution if you have allegeric reactions to herbs and other natural plants.
Lavender Essential Oil
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